Talk about a new piece of furniture that you bought.

You should say:

  • What furniture it is?

  • Who bought it?

  • For what purpose you use it?

  • Why do you like it?

Talk about a new piece of furniture that you bought

Well, in my opinion, furniture is the soul of any house without which it cannot be considered complete. Earlier, furniture was just a collection of few articles, primarily made of wood, which was required to lead a comfortable life. However, nowadays, due to the fact that furniture reflects the personal style of a family, it is chosen with utmost care. Just like every house, mine one is also equipped with beds, sofa, dining table etc., out of which I like my new Eames lounge chair the most.

A couple of months ago, when one of my friends asked me to accompany her to a furniture store in the vicinity, I agreed to lend my hand to find the most apposite dining table for her. While I was having a glance over the stuff in the store, I noticed a replica of this chair in their catalogue. Although I fell in love with it instantly and wanted to purchase one for me, I couldn’t as it was quite exorbitant. To be honest, I was fascinated by its elegant look and ultimate comfort it offered so I decided to save money for buying the original one. I started providing online coaching of mathematics and saved around Rs70,000 because of which I was able to possess it in a few months.

The reasons why I like it lie in its appearance, the way and the material with which it is built. As it offers a legacy of craftsmanship since the first piece of it was produced in 1956, it is an idiosyncratic one. Since then, it has maintained its popularity among people by offering comfortable and handsome lounge seating with an amalgamation of technology and artistry.

Since I am pursuing my engineering in computer science stream, I have to work on my laptop for long hours which many times leads to back troubles. Also, I am an avid reader which again requires me to sit at a place for a few hours. At that time, I can unwind myself by sitting on it and keeping my feet on the ottoman which comes with it. I must confess, it is a masterpiece which adds up to the aesthetic appeal of my room.

All in all, furniture is an integral part of a house which not only enhances the beauty of it, but also enriches living experience of every individual.