Talk about a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young.Talk about a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young

Please say:

  • What kind of game or sport it is??
  • How it is played??
  • Where you play it??
  • Explain why you enjoy it so much??

I relish being a part of outdoor games and my most favorite sport since my teenage is football. It not only helps me to rejuvenate myself but also keeps me salubrious. I would like to express my gratitude for granting me the opportunity to express my views on the sports I like the most.

Football is one of the popular sports and is a great means to develop good health and cerebral endurance. When someone participates in the football, they are needed to run after the ball, which enables physical exercise along with enjoying the game. It magnifies the concentrating ability along with the capability to work in a team. Actually, it is impossible to win a football match without teamwork and coordination between the team members.

Before enrolling into college, I had plenty of leisure hours in which I usually play football with my friends every day in the local club. Due to excessive academic pressure after joining college, I hardly managed time for practicing and participating in matches. As a result, my performance declined sequentially.
Playing football is not a herculean task. It requires two opponent teams consisting of 11 players each. The team classification assists in determining preference with the ball. Some players are attackers who strike with the ball while some other players prevent the ball from getting into the goalpost, called as defenders. Besides, there is one goalkeeper for each team prevents the football from entering into the goalpost. The game runs for 1hour 30 minutes having a half time break after 45 minutes. The team which can score more goals becomes the winner. Football matches are a great source of amusement for the spectators. They also derive much pleasure from watching the games.
It is my favorites sport for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it eliminates tiredness and endures stamina for physical labor. On the other side, it develops the cardiovascular functions and strengthens bones. If someone wants to get rid of the excessive body fat, it is a great workout. This sport is useful if the purpose is the only refreshment. Moreover, it is immensely beneficial for people who desire health and fitness. Apart from that, it is great as a leisure activity.