Talk about a foreign country you would like to know more about    

You should say:

  • Which country it is?
  • Where is it?
  • How do you know about it?
  • Why do you want to know more about it?
Talk about a foreign country you would like to know more about

When it comes to a foreign country, a number of countries come to my mind such as the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Italy and many more and being a bibliophile I keep on going through numerous reading material related to travel documentaries and I am an ardent lover of traveling. So I keep on reading about multifarious nations and places to explore.

Here, I will be talking about my most favorite country, though I have never visited there still it is one of my favorite nations and that is none other than Australia. My sister resides there and my whole family went to her at least once except me. I heard about this nation plenty of times like it is a very clean and green country, its natives are very welcoming especially the Aboriginals and even the end number of things are there which can be enjoyed. Apart from this, an ample amount of choices and opportunities are there which one can grab and make his/her life elite. Whenever someone visits my sister in Australia I always observe them to be overwhelmed. Other than this, I read about this nation and saw in the books, journals, and over the internet that it is all surrounded by seas and it is a plateau where several iconic tourist attractions are constructed. Moreover, various caves are found there by the aboriginals which are now the tourist destinations. Since my parents visited there and kept on uttering about it every now and then, I also made up my mind to go there and experience the treasure of the nature of Australia.

All in all, this is that one particular country which I really want to see at least once in my life so that I can get a deep acquaintance about it.