Talk about a day when the weather prevented you from doing something you planned.

You should say:

  • When it was
  • Why it prevented your activity
  • What you did
  • explain how you felt about it.
TAlk about a day when the weather prevented you from doing something you planned.

I always meticulously plan my activities so that it can not be ruined, still, there can be few incidents when willingly or unwillingly the plans had to be canceled or postponed and the reason behind it can be any like bad weather, a bad day, or maybe any bad situation or mood.

Here I would like to share my last year’s experience. Actually I am a big foody kind of person and not only I am fond of eating but also I love to feed others. I love to cook scrumptious cousins and accumulate an end number of compliments. This is my hobby actually. When it comes to food I am very particular about the ingredients whatever I am going to add. I preferably like to add homemade ingredients such as spices like red and black pepper powder, mango powder, dried fenugreek leaves, even pickles, and many more. So last summer I was planning to make mango powder at home and fortunately, there is a mango tree in the backyard of my house and in the summer season it is full of raw or ripe mangoes hence, I mostly pluck the raw mangoes from there for making my homemade mango powder. There is nothing fancy we need to do while preparing it. It’s just a bucket full of raw mangoes and a nice and bright sunny day. I did all the preparations very well which took me almost a day and the next day I had to put it under the sunlight however, the very next day it suddenly started raining. Though it was not torrential rain, the weather became quite humid which was not suitable weather for making mango powder. It should be dry, bright, and sunny. 

Hence, I was a little bit sad but then I made something else form the same mangoes which turned out to be palatable.

So this was the time owing to the weather conditions. My plan failed and that whole season I made my food without mango powder and I do not like to buy it from the market.