Talk about a curtain that you like.

You should say:

  • Which curtain is this?

  • When and where did you see it?

  • What it looks like?

  • Why you liked it so much?

Talk about a curtain that you like

Nowadays, home is not just a place to live but is much more than mere four walls. Similarly, the curtains are not used now to fulfil the sole purpose of maintain privacy or protection from sunlight. Curtains are considered as an integral part of interior designing and soft window treatment which reflect the personal style of the owner. Although there are myriad curtain styles which I like personally, here I would like to share the one I have incorporated in the décor of my house which consists of two layers of contrasting hues.

Few months ago, when I was surfing a website to get some ideas to adorn my newly rented accommodation, I come across this beautiful curtain design on pinterest. This set comprises of two layers: the outer one has white and the inner one has metallic grey colour. While the outer white curtains are made of lace which are translucent and allow the light to enter inside, the inner silky grey being opaque serves the purpose to black out. This silk made one has pencil plates with frilled layer on the top and to add on there is a layer of beautiful tassels of the same tone.

Actually, I am a student pursuing interior designing and have learnt a lot about it by following the blogs and interviews of renowned designers and observing the trends a lot. The moment I saw it, I was dazzled by the appeal exhibited by its minimalistic look. Once I explained every single detail and showed the picture, I asked my tailor to stitch it as per my requirements. To be very honest, it looked stunning when I hanged it on the wall to cover my living rooms huge window. The entire ambience of the place turned out to be amazing with the contemporary theme of the living area.

I utilized my prowess to set up the house exquisitely with my typical taste of furniture, decorative wall arts, indoor and outdoor plants which transformed this apartment into a place where anyone can feel rejuvenating, I can bet on it. Curtains are like salt without which one cannot manage to make any cuisine flavourful, yet is not focussed on much.

All in all, to add glamour to the area where one live, one can never forget the crucial role of curtains which defines the taste of the person who lives there.