Talk about a colourful placeTalk about a colourful place
Please say:

  • What that place is?
  • Why is it colourful?
  • Have you visited there or would you like to visit in the future?

India is a diverse country, each and every part of it is filled with distinct colors and variations.

Here, I will be talking about the Tulip garden, which is situated in Srinagar, the largest city in Kashmir. It has a plethora of flowers of different species of tulips with a wide variety of colors. Earlier its name was something else, but these days it is popularly known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden. I visited here last month with my family and witnessed the mesmerizing view of this place. It is the largest tulip garden in Asia spread over an area of about 30 hectares. It also has a beautiful overview of Dal Lake. The garden was opened in 2007 with the aim to boost floriculture and tourism in Kashmir Valley. The garden is built on a sloping ground in a terraced fashion consisting of seven terraces. Apart from tulips, other species of flowers can also be found there such as hyacinths or daffodils.

I have also heard about a tulip festival that falls mainly in the spring season. It is an annual celebration that aims to showcase the range of flowers in the garden as a part of tourism efforts by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Every year the authorities try to add some other attractions to the Tulip Festival. Nature has bestowed the garden with more varieties of flowers. More green spaces are included in the garden area keeping in mind the comforts of the tourists. Extra saplings like ornamental plants are also planted to ornate the area. A water channel is running through the terraces which adds a vibrant charm to the garden. Visitors can buy different souvenirs from outside the garden area. We had a gala time over there and will never forget the cherishable moments we spent there.I also captured some of the breathtaking views and I have placed it in my travel diaries.

To wrap up, I can say that everyone should visit this place at least once in a lifetime. It is definitely worth visiting.


  • What kind of feelings do you have about that place now?
  • What colors are popular in home décor nowadays? Why?
  • Do you think men and women tend to choose similar colors for their homes?
  • Do you think the color of a person’s room can affect him/her?
  • Do you think it is important to choose the right color every time?
  • Do you think the color of food is important? Why?
  • Is it appropriate in business to wear bright clothing? Why?