Talk about a city you have visited that you would like to visit again.

You should say:

  • When you visited the city
  • What you did there?
  • How long you stayed there.
  • explain why you enjoyed the visit.
Talk about a city you have visited that you would like to visit again

I am habitual of visiting different places as it is my favorite pastime, especially with my kith and kin. 

I remember, last year when my mid-term holidays were going on I was down in the dumps because of my bad performance in the semester exams. I used to confine myself in the room. Keeping this in mind my family decided to take me for a long drive to somewhere I feel solace, as usual. They packed my bags and we hit the road. It was a week’s trip and as we all were having the acquaintance regarding how to drive, we drove turn wise. When we reached our destination it was Jaipur- the pink city as my paternal uncle and aunt lives there. Despite this, we went there for the first time, which eventually turned out to be an astounding time for us. We met our relatives and had a gala time with them and their descendants. There were multifarious places to visit like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Albert hall museum, and whatnot. Umpteen restaurants to enjoy scrumptious food items. The morning and evening’s freshness of the city is still in my mind. We enjoyed various shopping centres and the street markets as well and purchased several souvenirs such as Jaipur’s traditional outfits for both the sexes along with all these we also experienced the nightlife of the city which was just amazing for youth. 

Therefore, we came back to our pavilions with a bundle of joyful and cherishable memories with us.