Talk about a big animal that you know.

You should say:

  • What it looked like
  • Where you saw it
  • What you were doing when you saw it
  • explain how you feel about this animal.
Talk about a big animal that you know

Millions and billions of species can be witnessed on earth which can be seen on myriad platforms and one of them are eastern gorillas about which I read in a magazine.

Actually fews months back I was having an appointment with my dentist as I was suffering from a decayed tooth and had a word with the doctor who advised me to have a root canal. Thus, as per scheduled time I reached there prior to my time and the front desk personnel asked me to sit and wait for somewhile till the doctor was finishing her surgery with another patient. So I just sat and held a magazine in my hand and commenced shuffling its pages. All of a sudden, I saw an article regarding Earstern Gorillas and being an ardent reader I started reading as it was my favourite subject. I love learning about our flora and fauna. In that article I read that this particular species  is a large hominid with a large head, broad chest, and long arms. It has a flat nose with large nostrils. The face, hands, feet and breasts are bald. The fur is mainly black, but adult males have a silvery “saddle” on their back. It weighs around 140–205.5 kg and the heaviest one till now weighed 267 kilograms. There are two recognised subspecies of it and that is the eastern lowland gorillas and the mountain gorillas and these can be found in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. That time I got to know about this humongous animal.

All in all, that was the time when I utilised it in such an informative way.