Reading tips to score 8+ bands in IELTS Reading tips to score 8+ bands in IELTS

Here are some tips for reading if you want to improve your score in the reading module:

1. Skimming and scanning

Most of the student feels that the time limit and lengthy passages don’t allow them to read the text in detail. To overcome that one can employ the technique of skimming and scanning

2. Time management

Students are supposed to solve one passage in 20 minutes, so that all the three passages could be completed in 60 minutes.

3. Read the instructions very carefully

Students generally do not read the instructions as they think that the instructions are generally similar and do silly mistakes.

4. Do not match words

Students generally try to find the same word in the passage as in the question. This is wrong approach. Try to understand the meaning of the question and look out for the sentence with the same meaning. However, certain keywords remain unchanged.

Practice as much as you can to build a god reading speed and better understanding of English