IELTS exam is conducted primarily for students who desire to study abroad or for job aspiring individuals who wish to work in countries where English is the accepted medium of communication. It is a language proficiency test which has to be taken up by an individual as a pre-requisite exam for entry in such countries. It is conducted collaboratively by IDP and British Council; and is a worldwide accepted exam, recognized by different professional bodies, immigration authorities, and government agencies.

This exam is conducted in two modes- Academic (for overseas education), and General (for working aspirants and immigration purpose). Also this exam is fragmented into four levels or modules of testing, viz., Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Every module has its own time-frame and syllabi which needs to be followed religiously and thoroughly to score higher marks. Like, Listening module is of 30 minutes duration comprising of 40 questions and is further sub-divided into 4 sub-sections. Similarly, the other modules are: Reading which is of 60 minutes time and there are 40 tasks that are needed to be completed within those 60 minutes; Writing section is also of 60 minutes duration and there one has to perform 2 tasks; and last but not the least is the Speaking module which is of 15 minutes duration and there one has to face one-to-one interaction with the examiner, it is kind of face-to-face interview.


For our distant learners or the working professionals who due to certain reasons or pre-occupied commitments cannot attend the classes’ offline on a regular basis, we have come up with our ONLINE IELTS course for their rescue. Online IELTS is a special course designed specifically for our targeted groups who are unable to join the classes and devote their crucial 4-5 hours on a religious basis. With this course, all one needs to do is simply register for our online course, pay the nominal fees and avail the coaching benefits sitting at their respective places.

What will be covered?

  1. The medium of learning would be via Skype (you just need to have an account on Skype and we will connect with you at your demand).
  2. Our institute will provide our connected individuals with the reading and the writing discussions along with an interview round for speaking practice, on a daily basis.
  3. For Reading discussions and Speaking round, there would be a live window option where we will directly connect with you in a real-time scenario and simulate the real teaching environment, where only you and our faculties would be present.
  4. For the Writing part, we will put the video onto the portal which can be accessed anytime as per your convenience.
    And for the Listening section, if the demand would be high we will provide the relevant discussions as well.

All you need to do is, ping us whenever you are free and we will be available at your doorstep as per your requirements. With the flexible time facility, it will be convenient for our aspirants to pursue this well-recognized course sitting at their own desks.

It is rightly said that, “If something burns your SOUL with purpose, it’s your duty to be reduced to ASHES by it.” So don’t lose that fire within you, let those insatiable flames of desires keep burning your soul until you achieve your zenith of success. Stop waiting for the perfect time to come as we are just ONE CALL AWAY from you and grab as many benefits as you can from this online opportunity.