IELTS speakig tips to achieve 7+ band

The IELTS Speaking Exam is a one to one interview by a qualified examiner. It very much resembles a real-life situation that a person faces in their day to day life.
The interviewer will question you about common subjects such as the house, job or education in part 1 of your speaking test. It helps you feel relaxed while giving a speaking test. Be relaxed so that you appear confident and your speaking seems natural.

Tips for Speaking Examination

Make the most of your Speaking test:
  • Talk as much as possible
  • Do not fumble
  • Talk fluently
  • Do take long pauses
  • Be spontaneous
  • Do not get stuck if some word is coming to your mind
  • Relax and be confident
  • Asking for clarification is allowed. So, if necessary, ask the examiner to repeat the question but don’t answer a wrong question.
  • Do not repeat the word or sentence
  • The examiners are qualified to recognize whether your answer is original or learned. So try to express your own opinions; you will be evaluated on your capacity to interact