• IDP has changed the IELTS speaking pattern, now, it will be a computer-based.
  • From 23rd, November 2019 the changes have taken place in The city beautiful only, but soon it will flourish in other cities as well.
  • Both IDP and British council were expected to do so, but the British Council is still in the race, however, It will soon switch to the same.
  • Actually, IELTS is going the PTE way since the PTE is getting wildly successful.
  • Now students do not have to face a human for their speaking exam and they get rid of the myth of getting nervous in front of the examiner.
  • IDP has already opened its centers for the speaking exam and The British Council is on its way to do so.
IELTS speaking test on Video Call

What will happen on the day of the exam

  • You will be allowed to enter the examination 20 minutes before the actual test as it was earlier. For instance, if your exam is at 2 o’clock, you need to be there at 1:40.
  • You will be carrying your passport and a photocopy of the same.
  • The moment you will enter, they will check your passport, your details, the printout.
  • They will be giving you an ID with Lanyard which you have to wear because the entry will be with that particular ID card only.   
  • After this, they will scan your index fingerprint and will take your photograph and that time you need to submit your passport to them just like PTE, as in PTE they scan your palm vein and click a photograph.   
  • Subsequently, they will provide you a locker and a key in which you can keep your belongings as you will not be allowed to carry anything in the examination room.
  • Once you are done with the whole procedure you will be asked to sit in the waiting area.
  • You will see a tablet that will tell that whose exam is going to commence when. Like the name of the next candidate and the starting time.
  • Then you will be allowed to enter the hall where you will see 5-6 separate cabins. 
  • When your name will get displayed on the screen the timer will start, and you have to enter the room.
  • As soon as you will enter the room you will see a screen with a webcam on top.
Note: you are not allowed to touch anything until or unless you are asked to do so. 
  • The items you will see on the table will be a computer screen, a webcam on its top, your passport, a pencil, and paper.
  • As soon as time gets up, the screen will light up and you will see the examiner’s face.
  • He will give you some instructions like not to touch anything or the voice is audible or not.
  • The moment the test starts you will not get any sort of distraction and you get the instruction of putting the headphones.