Latest IELTS speaking cue card from January 2020 to April 2020.

The list given below is the predicted list of most probable cue cards that could be asked in your upcoming IELTS speaking cue card from January 2020 to April 2020.

Bear in mind that you will be given only one topic for your speaking exam. However, you must prepare a range of topics and be well
prepared for the day ahead of time. This list is common for both the academic and general training students and will be marked on the same criteria.

IELTS cue card list jan to april 2020
Now we are providing you with a list of IELTS speaking Latest Cue Cards from January 2020 to April 2020.

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Talk about your hometown.
Describe a place full of colors.
Talk about a film you would like to discuss which.
Talk about a small business you would like to open.
Describe a place where you want to read and write, apart from your home.
Talk about a person you think has interesting ideas and opinions.
Describe an occasion when you get up early.
8 Time when was the first time you admired the Sky.
Describe a Newly built facility ( such as a cinema or garden ) that improves quality in your city.
10  Talk about a celebration organized after an achievement.


11  Describe a Gift in which you spent a long time to Choose/Make.
12  Your Friends Talk about a product or application based on Artificial Intelligence.
13  Describe a time when you first met someone.
14  Talk about an advertisement that you remember.
15  Describe your Favourite Food.
16  Talk about a female leader.
17  Describe some good advice about choosing a job or subject.
18  Talk about a place where you feel crowded.
19  Talk about a time when you moved to a new house or a new school.
20 Talk about a positive change in your life.

21  Describe an organization or company where you live and it employs a lot of people.
22  Talk about an appointment that was put ahead of schedule.
23  Describe a bicycle tour.
24  Talk about an occasion waiting for Someone.
25  Describe a kind of foreign food you tried.
26  Talk about a  kind of weather that you like.
27  Describe a part of your city that is changing.
28  Talk about a Popular Teacher that you know.
29  Describe an Advise you received.
30  Talk about a time when you borrowing something.

31  Describe a new public building/place you want to visit.
32  Talk about an important conversation.
33  Describe a day you remember well.
34  Talk about a Day that would make you happy.
35  Describe a time when you feel bored.
36  Talk about a time when you getting up early.
37  Describe a time when you gave the gift to someone.
38  Talk about your favorite Game.
39  Describe a leisure activity you like doing.
40  Talk about an experience when you losing Something.

41  Describe a time when you laying to your friend.
42  Talk about when you meeting someone for the first time.
43  Describe a person who travels by plane a lot.
44  Talk about a person who is good at his/her job.
45  Describe a photograph or picture in your home.
46  Describe a school which  you went to.
47  Talk about a night when you could not sleep/stay awake.
48  Describe your Favourite Toy in your childhood.
49  Talk about a TV program that made you laugh a lot.
50  Describe a time when you were cheated.