Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

Please say:

  • What it would look like?
  • Where it would be located?
  • What facilities this would have?
  • Explain why you want to live there?

Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. So there is no harm in having some luxuries at one’s house. Though I have a place to live in, I have a fantasy of an ideal home for me. I am fortunate to describe the idea here and thank you for asking this wonderful topic.


My dream home would be a big bungalow with a large garden in a lap to nature, such as a foothill in Himachal Pradesh. It would have five big and amazing floors. It will have at least fifteen spacious rooms and have Italian flooring.


I am a pet lover so one of the rooms would be a pet room with cute little puppies and kittens. The room next to it would be a mini movie theater with a dobly music system installed in it. In addition to this, the chair in the mini-theater will be massage recliners so that one can relax oneself along with entertainment. I will also have a small gymnasium on the fifth floor, where I can work out anytime to my heart’s content. It will be always open for my friends; they can come whenever they want.


I have an interest in horticulture, so the garden will be full of bright colorful flowers and a woodshed where one can sit and enjoy the pleasant breeze flowing down from the mountains.

I believe my fantasy house will take the shape of reality soon so that me, my friends, and most of all my family can come and enjoy there with me.

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