Describe one of your grandparent’s job.

  • What is his/her profession?
  • Where did he work?
  • Describe it briefly?


Thank you for such an interesting topic to speak on. Talking about my grandparent’s profession is not something which I do very frequently in my regular day to day life.

Well, as per my viewpoint, my life is highly influenced by my ancestors. My grandfather was a vaidya (also called as Medicine Man) by profession. He used to treat people’s illnesses with the help of local herbs, ayurvedic medicines, and acupressure. He was a very reputed person in the village and was one of the members of the panchayat.

He was a well-renowned vaidya and people from many nearby villages came to our village to get cured. Sometimes some apprentices also visited our village seeking priceless knowledge of ayurvedic medicines.

Whenever I visited my ancestor’s village in my childhood, I wondered why so many people visit our house and my grandfather was always busy with them and had very less time to spend with us. Once I asked the same thing to my grandmother and she told me that it was a great responsibility that my grandfather had to fulfill by serving the people who were in need. The people sometimes brought presents such as fruits, vegetables, milk etc in return of the kind service they received.

Now when my grandfather is no more with us, I still feel his presence around me whenever I visit my home in the village. All the people in the village always greet us with great affection and respect. I really feel proud and lucky to be a member of the family of such a great person.