Describe an unforgettable train journey.

You should say:

  • Where you went?

  • When was it?

  • Why you went on this journey?

  • Why was it an unforgettable one?

Describe an unforgettable train journey.

Ever since, I have developed into a hodophile, I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunities to travel to different locations in order to explore their mesmerizing beauty, traditional and cultural heritages and diversities. Though every journey was exceptional, there is something remarkable that made this journey the most unfading of all. My utmost priority when it comes on travelling is using my personal vehicle to ensure a pleasurable and invigorating journey. However, a year ago, I had to go to Delhi University to attend my convocation by train since my car was in an agency for its servicing and it wasn’t delivered on time.

Instantly, I had to make my mind to travel through public transportation and keeping in mind that I had to save time, I finally decided to opt railways. So, on that day, I rushed to the railway station and bought a ticket for the very next train to go on board. Like usual, I carried my trolley bag with clothes and my trendy sling bag which contained my ticket, wallet and other essential articles. 

Halfway through the journey, I realized that someone had skilfully detached the bag from the strap and ran away in broad daylight between hundreds of passengers, without being noticed. It had never happened to me before so I started freaking out because the bag had all my identification proofs, my ticket and an amulet. I calmed myself down and rushed to the Ticket checker on board and informed him about the situation. He promptly responded back and asked the staff and the management on the next station to be alert. We, then, rushed through one carriage from another in pursuit of the thief, just like in movies. The stupid culprit revealed himself while trying to rob someone else and on noticing that he had caught our eyes, he tried to flee. He tried to pull down the emergency brake chain and jump off, though with the cooperation of the public and management, he failed to elude. 

Eventually, I got my stuff back and ultimately reached the final destination. Despite the distress on that journey, the exhilaration of the whole journey made it indelible. All in all, although every person has different destinations and itineraries, we must learn to savour, cherish and treasure our journeys.