Describe an occasion when you wore your best clothes.

  • What the occasion was?
  • What did you wear?
  • How did people react?

Describe an occasion when you wore your best clothes.

Although my wardrobe is full of expensive and resplendent attires, the extremely cherishable dress of my life was the one I wore on my first birthday. 

The picture of the same is lying in my own room and that is my childhood photograph in which I was about to cut my first birthday cake and a party was going on and I was looking stunning.

Since I was the first child of my family; my birthday was celebrated with full zest and zeal. I was looking extremely happy as I was dolled up with a beautiful pink colored fairytale gown and a crown was there on my head. I was standing on a table and my mother was holding me, both my parents were looking on cloud nine as the celebrations were at its peak and all our near and dear ones were having a gala time. Even, our house was highly ornated with the lightings and some fascinating Disney characters such as princess jasmine from my favorite cartoon Aladdin and Ariel (A mermaid) from a show The Little Mermaid. Apart from this, I have placed it right in front of my bed so that I can have a glance on it whenever I hit the hay. Even, whenever my friends visit my house they adore this photo of mine. I don’t think that I am still that much photogenic as I used to be. I have preserved this resplendent image till now and I think it will be with me till my last breath.

All in all, this dress is the most precious one, which is still with me in a pictorial form and my mother sometimes really feels nostalgic about those times.