Describe an occasion when you received a good serviceDescribe an occasion when you received a good
Please say:

  • What the service was?
  • When and where you received the service?
  • Who were you with?
  • And explain why you think it was a good service?

Today I am going to talk about an excellent service provided to me at Archie’s gallery. I went there to look for a birthday present for my sister. There I met a salesgirl how provided me exceptional customer service. I felt honored in this matter and satisfied with her service.

So to buy a gift I went to the Archies showroom in my hometown. While looking for the gift I was a bit confused to decide what to buy. Judging the situation by my look, a girl came to me asking for what type of gift am I looking for; she is a salesgirl there at the Archies. She accompanied me inside the shop and suggested many gifts to me to get the right thing. She was very polite when dealing with her customers. She was cordial and assertive and also inquired about different preferences of my sister so that I could get the best gift for her. So after sometime, she gave me two-three options which were really good but I didn’t like them much. However, then she brought me a manual of the upcoming articles which will be delivered in a few days in the coming week. That was really something that I did not expect at all. I searched the manual and there is a really beautiful article which is very attractive and useful that too at a very reasonable price range. So I asked her if can deliver the gift on the specific date at my house, to which she agreed.

On the day of the birthday, while I was on my way back home from the bakery I suddenly got a call from the salesgirl that she will be reaching with the gift in 10 min. I reached home quickly and waited for her, she was on time. I thanked her for her service. I really felt good about the amiable service, very happy indeed.