Describe an important conversation that influenced youDescribe an important conversation that influenced you
Please say:

  • When did this happen?
  • Who you were talking to?
  • What you talked about?
  • How this conversation influenced you?

Ever since I was a child I have come across multifarious sort of discussions, but here I would like to talk about a time when I was in a great dilemma after the completion of my senior secondary that which stream I should go for.

Actually, a few years back I attended one of my cousin’s wedding party, where I met all my kith and kin after a long period of time. Even some were from abroad as well. There I got a chance to meet my distant cousin who was a dentist. My mother introduced me to her and we started conversing with each other. Somehow, she started telling me about her occupation and the trajectory she followed to be there, where she was at that point of time, which really influenced me a lot. She told me that she opted for the bachelors of dental sciences after her 10th+2 and she did so well in all her semesters followed by a master’s degree in the same field and soon she was able to serve the people of our society. She told me about the subjects that have been taught in both the degree programs, some of the tools and some methodologies about the relevant studies, which I found quite intriguing. Subsequently, she got a job with a handsome salary package and now she is not only earning her bread and butter but also helping the society to get rid of their different dental ailments. Owing to which she feels self contended because she tries to walk into the shoes of her patients and then deals with them. People speak volumes about her. Hence, this provoked me to get enrolled in the same field.

To wrap up, I can say that, it was the most influential conversation, which was a turning point in my life.


  • Do you like to converse with people of different interests?
  • What kinds of conversations do you like to have with people?
  • Did you participate in any kind of debate competition in your past life?
  • What qualities a good speaker should have according to you?
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