Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child.

  • What is the game?
  • How is it played?
  • With whom you played?
  • Why was it your favourite?
Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child.

Ever Since I was a child, I have been very fond of playing Carrom. It’s not that I did not play any other game, I used to play umpteen indoor as well as outdoor games with my siblings such as Badminton especially during the afternoons of summer vacations, moreover, we used to play ludo, hide and seek and many more.

Coming to my favourite indoor game carrom, which is a good source to kill time, used to turn out in the most joyous moments of that time and we used to play it for hours. Apart from that, If I talk about the rules of the game it is not much hard and fast just we need a striker to hit the black and white coins of the our carrom so that they can be dropped into the holes on the four corners of the square-shaped board. Additionally, we need a powder, carrom powder, or any talcum powder can also work and we need to sprinkle it on the board so that the whole stuff on the board can be dragged easily. Other than this, During our school holidays we used to play this game a lot. All of us, that is I, my younger sister and my two cousins as I used to reside in a joint family we used to play it together. It was my cousin’s carrom board and he used to bring it to my room. The main thing of the carrom is the queen around which the whole game revolves. Therefore, we all used to chase the queen and used to make the game a real fun. 

All in all, this is that particular game which I used to enjoy with my siblings and still cherish those moments. Even during quarantine time I played it with my child and recalled those moments. I still feel nostalgic. 

Discussion Question

  • How is playing outside for children different than playing inside?
  • Do you think the indoor activities and outdoor activities develop children’s abilities the same way?
  • What’s the most popular game in your country?
  • How have games changed in the past few years/decades?
  • Why do many adults not play games?