Describe an event you attended in which you didn’t like the music played.

You should say:

  • What was the event?
  • Where were you?
  • What was the music like?
  • Explain why you didn’t like the music?
Describe an event you attended in which you didn’t like the music played

I have never seen any person throughout my life who does not like music. People from all walks of life love to listen to one or the other piece of music. However, every individual likes to listen to a particular genre of music.

If I talk about my musical choices, the array is quite vast, like I am very fond of fusion music, remix, sometimes soft music, and every morning spiritual chantings. While there are many occasions when some pieces of music do not soothe my mood and mind. I remember, a year ago I went to my friend’s birthday bash which was in a nightclub. Now, when it comes to a nightclub or a discothick, obviously the music should be loud and party-centric but it was contrastingly horrible and was such a waste of my time. I went there with other friends, having in mind that it will be a blast, due to which I wore a stunning western dress with cuts on sides, wondering of having a fun-filled night ahead but when we entered the party hall, we got a shock. Why? Because she was accompanying her parents and grandparents. It was really very embarrassing to be dressed up in front of them like this as every time I visited her home in traditional attire like Punjabi suit salwar. Hence, when I saw them I was thunderstruck. Obviously I was hesitant but they were not, instead, they were very welcoming. Now when the elders were there in the party it was more of a family function than a nightclub’s party. Similarly, the music was also accordingly. We were not able to dance properly with our male friends, we did not even eat properly and the party was over very early. Thank god they wrapped it up early because we were not only disheartened but also sick and tired and that too without enjoying it. Normally, music is considered to be the life of a party but that music was making us sleepy because my friend’s grandparents were consistently requesting the DJ to play their type of music, the slow and steady one, because they wanted to tap their feet on it. Hence, he followed their instructions and they were really having a fun time with each other, they were looking very happy though which was quite cute but on the other hand our party was completely ruined.

Anyways, not everyone was happy with that party and the songs played in it but at least it was really pleasant for some people and I think something is better than nothing.