Describe a time when your computer broke down.

You should say:

  • When it was?
  • what you were doing?
  • What do you do about it?
  • And how you felt about it?
Describe a time when your computer broke down

Technology has revolutionised the world tremendously and reliability on it is exorbitant these days. The dependency on computers has made humans like a handicapped.These days everything runs on computers no matter if it is related to studies, teachings or any other professionalism, every single field needs a computer today and if brokerages happen we feel helpless. 

One such incident happened with me as well when I was preparing a presentation of mine for a college assignment.It was an extremely pivotal assignment for me as the marks of this assignment were going to be added into the final examinations mark sheet. Hence,  I burnt my midnight oil to prepare this presentation which took over a week to get concluded and now when the assignment was about to get finalized all of a sudden my computer stops working. It was two days  prior to the submission of the assignment. Actually it was a government holiday and I thought I should complete my assignment today so I just sat in front of the computer and switched it on however unfortunately when I switched on the computer it was not able to get started and I repeated the process again and again but was failed to start, a Microsoft Logo’s Window was appearing on the screen and then went blank nothing else was happening. I was worried initially that what happened to it then my sister suggested that I should take the computer to the service center. When I visited the service centre to fix the issue it was shut due to the holiday because of which my work also got hampered and I was worried that I diligently started this presentation and now this unwanted situation aroused and how will I deal with it, was a question mark now. 

Thankfully I was Still having one day left in between  when I will be able to rectify this  conundrum and was able to finish the assignment  ahead of the due date. On the next day the shop was open and I showed my computer to the engineer. He fixed it within an hour or so and after that within a few hours I just completed my presentation and was able to present in front of my tutor.

Lastly, I would say that it was the best assignment of my life which I made with the help of technology and it taught me that how important the computers are in today’s era and if there will be no computerized tasks, our nation will go a minimum of two decades back and it will be cumbersome for every single person of our nation to prosper.