Describe a time when you received good news.

You should say:

  • What was the good news
  • How did you receive the news?
  • Who was the news about?
  • explain your reaction on hearing the news.
Describe a time when you received good news

Life is not a bed of roses in fact, it is full of turmoils. Sometimes it shows its harsh side and sometimes it seems like everything is just perfect.

Here I would like to share an extremely overwhelming moment of my life and that is when my sister-in-law broke the news to me that she is going to deliver a cute little baby. Actually, I have a very beautiful bonding with her and she never felt shy to share with me anything. One fine day she was not feeling well and she was feeling dizzy and having the signs of pregnancy. She shared this with me as my brother just left for a foreign country and she did not want to disturb him. Hence I went to the chemist shop and bought a pregnancy kit for her so that she can be sure whether it was actually a baby or something else was wrong. So, when she went through the test, the result was positive and me and my mother, we both were over the moon. After all, My mother was going to be a grandmother and I was going to have a niece or a nephew. So, The moment was extremely joyous because it was going to be the first child of our family. The tears of happiness were not willing to stop. We just got insane when we heard the news and I asked my sister-in-law to tell this news to my brother in her own way as we were not willing to ruin this most memorable moment of their lives.  

From that fine day, I started jotting down the cute little baby stuff for the upcoming infant and even I took all the necessary care of my sister-in-law as after my brother she was my responsibility, I used to accompany her whenever she used to visit the doctor. Finally, the day came when both my brother and the new little member of our house entered the house and our house was full of joy.

So, this was the best good news I have ever heard in my life.