Describe a thing that your family has kept for a long time.

You should say:

  • What is it?

  • When your family had it?

  • How your family got it?

  • Explain why is it important to your family?

Describe a thing that your family has kept for a long time

Materialistic assets are quite dear to everyone as people are working diligently for long hours just to possess them. However, some of the things do not lose their magnitude even after the owner’s demise and are being kept gingerly by the descendants as family heirlooms, which is quite common in royal families. Although there are several paradigms of these heirlooms which people in my country possess like gold jewellery, piece of furniture etc, it is an ambassador car in my family’s case.

It was owned by my grandfather, who bought it in around early 1960s. My grandfather, Mr. D.L.Thakur, was an entrepreneur of a small handloom mill which was quite renowned for its unique hand-woven shawls. He bought a white Hindustan Ambassador Mark 2 which is a diesel modal with Koyas interiors. I vividly remember that he used to take me and my siblings on short excursions to nearby temples mostly where he told us myriad mythological stories associated with these. This is the reason why, it is an indispensable part of my childhood which still reminds me of the jaunts we had together and are the most treasured memories of mine.

Its retro look rather than contemplated as outmoded, is recognized as quaint and legendary one which fascinates people towards it. After his death in 2000, many suggested my father to sell it however he is reluctant as for him it is not a mere car but a blessing and a way to feel my grandfather’s presence around us. This car has been a part of my family for more than 50 years now and we wish it to be there forever.

All in all, the emotional significances of few things make them more than just articles and the memories correlated with them can be reminisced forever by keeping them preserved.