Describe a sportsperson/ athlete that you admireDescribe a sportsperson/ athlete that you admire
Please say:

  • Who is the person
  • What is his/her achievement
  • Why do you admire him?

Games play a significant role in an individual`s life. They provide name and fame to the person who pursues it with passion along with keeping him healthy. Every person is inspired by their favorite sportsperson to whom he admires.

Today I am going to talk about a person I admire the most and he is none other than the God of cricket. I am talking about the living legend Sachin Tendulkar, a person who has fans beyond boundaries. Many people know him as the master blaster. He began his career in cricket when he was 16 years of age on an international level in a match against Pakistan in Islamabad. Everyone was surprised when they witnessed the talent of the young boy as he made his first century. From that day onwards he never looked behind. In his pursuit, he made numerous outstanding records in Indian cricket. He is one of the best opening batsman Indian cricket team ever had. A popular cricketer of Australia cricket team, Shane Warne once mentioned that he is horrified in his dreams case of Sachin. Although he has immense popularity yet he is always down to earth. He is a kind-hearted, innocent, and honest person. Many times it happened that umpire gave wrong decisions against him but he never opposed rather he accepts that calmly and due to his this behavior he is even respected by his opponents

Nowadays he is a member of Rajya Sabha in Indian parliament and served his country leading from the front after he got retirement from cricket. He has a great personality and is all the manners a true sportsperson who played with all the true spirit of the games. I wish people will remember his contribution to Indian as well as international cricket as well.