​Describe a special hotel you stayed in.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • What it is like
  • why you went there
  • and how you felt about it.
Describe a special hotel you stayed in.

I am a travel freak who is always in quest of an opportunity to explore new places, their customs, cultures and people. While being on travel trips, I have to stay at hotels quite often. I would like to share my experience about my recent stay in Infinitea resort which is in Palampur, a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh.

The last October, on the occasion of my best friend Sakshi’s wedding, I visited this place for the very first time. I must admit that it was a place with tranquil aura, serenity and picturesque landscapes. Her wedding venue was the Infinitea resort which is just 4-5 kilometres from the main road. This hotel is spread over a wide area with a huge tea plantation area to lure people which actually gives it a majestic appearance. Besides, the entire resort’s infrastructure is designed artistically keeping the demands of the travellers in mind. Also, it is equipped with all the modern amenities like gym, spa, indoor gaming zone, swimming pool, bar and many more. Apart from this, the hospitable staff made my stay really pleasant as they were always ready to lend a hand to cater the guests’ requirements. The scrumptious authentic traditional delicacies are not to be forgotten though.

During my stay, the leisure activities I relished the most were to meditate in a delightful secluded garden with a natural brook flowing nearby, to play snooker with my friends and being a part of a bachelorette party on the terrace with transfixing views of snow covered peaks of the Dhauladhar range.

All these factors make it the best choice to opt for having a satisfying stay where you feel rejuvenating and unwinding in the lap of mother nature.

Discussion Questions:-

  • What can influence people’s choices of hotels?
  • Do ratings of hotels influence people’s choices?
  • What are the factors which make a good hotel?
  • Are there any advantages to staying in a hotel rather than staying with a relative in their home?
  • What’s the difference between the hotels in your country and those abroad?