Describe a short journey you often take but did not like.

You should say:

  • Where you go?
  • Why you go there?
  • When you go there?
  • Explain why you do not like this trip?
Describe a short journey you often take but did not like

Commuting to and fro from one place to another is pretty much convenient these days as every individual has his or her own vehicle and no one has to seek help from anyone in this regard. I too have my own four wheeler which makes me not only independent but also a great helping hand for my kinmen.

Feeling proud to share this thing today, actually, I am a single child to my parents and they both are octogenarians which lets them not to travel on that frequent basis. Being a professional I don’t have much time to spend with them but during weekends I make sure that my whole time can be fully devoted towards them. Every single weekend I take my mother to her sister’s place which is located on the outskirts of our town. Even though I hate the roads because of the puddles and sometimes because of the  coalesce, I have to face, in the middle of my journey which not only spoils my mood but also ruins my car, I take my mother so that she may not feel neglected. Whenever we go there I just sit in a corner keeping on scrolling my phone till the time she does not say ‘let’s go’ because I am not that much of a gregarious person. Although my aunt’s children are very co-operative and benevolent, sometimes I think ‘we are intervening in their personal lives’.  Additionally, when they ask me to take them to a nearby shrine it further adds fuel to the fire since I hate the broken roads. even sometimes they try insisting us to stay with them at least for one night but I always turn them down as I do not like residing there because of the availability of fewer amenities. The network connection is very poor over there, no availability of wi-fi and even sometimes the electricity gets shut, and top of all these when I think of the roads which I have to take again for going back persists me to keep my words. 

My aunt loves me very much, she knows that every Sunday I will visit her, she prepares luscious food for me by her own hands especially those which are my favourite. Still, I feel reluctant to visit her repeatedly. 

At the end I would say that, despite my love and affection for her I do not like visiting there amid myriad unavoidable circumstances.