Describe a radio program that you find interesting

  • Please say
  • What is the name of the program?
  • When and where you listen to this program?
  • What is the content of the program?
  • Explain why do you like it?

Radios are sometimes considered as the technology of the past decade as many newer sources of media have been invented and introduced to the general public for their entertainment. Television, smart-phones, and internet are at the topmost position in this list. However, still in some remote areas where technology has yet to infiltrate and fix its root radios are considered as a great source of information, news, and entertainment as well.

I was also very fond of listening to radio programs back when I was pursuing my engineering and living in a hostel. I listened to a late night radio program named “Rajnigandha” which was aired from 10:00pm till midnight every night.

I used to do my writing work at that time which does not require that much mental involvement as in learning. So amidst performing my writing task, I was also able to enjoy old songs. The program was based on old classical songs and it was hosted by radio jockey “Naved”. His choices of songs and his way of presentation was absolutely exceptional and captivating.

Due to this program, I come to know about the power of words when they are placed in a proper manner such as a poem, a verse or a song. I did not realise when I developed a hobby to read and gather information about famous writers and lyricists of India and their works of art.

These days, radio is again gaining its lost popularity. The cars and smartphones are ,nowadays, equipped with fm radio. Moreover, radio is not just a medium to listen to music now,but it offers a lot more: news, traffic congestion alerts, weather reports, contests and many more things. To cover local market,people are spending huge money for the advertisement of their products or services on air. I think that in future the number of listeners will incline gradually.