Describe a program or app on your computer or mobile.

Please say

  • what the program/app is,

  • when/where you found it,

  • how you use it,

  • and how you feel about it.

Describe a program or app on your computer or mobile.

Computers and mobile phones have been incessantly superseding almost every single electronic gadget be it a radio, telephone, television photography and so on. Sometimes it seems like I am carrying multiple gadgets in my pocket in the form of my cell phone.

Whenever I hold my phone it gives me a feeling of contentment that I do not have to worry at all about anything as it is not only having the capability of making calls to one another but also I can surf the internet, play my favourite songs, watch my favourite movies etcetera and one such application I have come across recently which eventually became my favourite one is the zoom meeting application. Actually, due to the COVID 19 situations when everyone was at home during the lockdown period schools, colleges, institutes everything single place was shut then this zoom meeting application came into the limelight and ease the lives of the inhabitants who were sitting home idol. With the help of this particular application, students can easily take their classes just by sitting at their homes, professionals can organize their meeting through this application and plenty of amenities one can enjoy while using this application like one can converse with a group of people in one go and that too by using its audio visual options. One can also share their screens to make people understand in a better way as one can play a slide show while presenting a presentation in front of his/her office colleagues, they can show their youtube and many more. It is like a boon for the teaching faculty as the mentors can instruct their students whatever they want just by asking it via this application. Basically it did not let the things on halt during the pandemic. It helped me as well as I am also a working individual and with the help of this program, I worked from home.

All in all this application has turned out to be an exceptionally amazing application till now.   


Q-1: what is the importance of apps in a person’s life?

Q-2: Are there any drawbacks of apps?

Q-3: are these apps are helpful in making honest relations?