Describe a place where you read and write, apart from your home? 

  • What is it
  • Where is it
  • Why do you go there to read and write
Describe a place where you read and write apart from your home?
Although there are umpteen places available in my vicinity where one can study uninterruptedly such as libraries, cafes, university campus buildings and so on. Here, I will be talking about a public park which is located right in front of my house.

It is basically a very quiet place having myriad amenities into it like sitting arrangements, playing area, walking paths etcetera. I usually go there in the morning time when everyone is busy in there own stuff like children go to there schools, adults stay busy with there jobs and no one goes there during the day time, consequently, I take the advantage of this thing and till afternoon since no one disturbs me over there and I do as much study as I can.

Actually, I am very fond of sitting under the sky, in natural light and inhaling fresh breeze, especially in winters along with it I am a bibliophile. It further propagates me to devote more time towards it. On top of that, I feel solace in the lap of nature, I like greenery and even I feel more comfortable over there. I can accomplish the maximum syllabus of my term within half a day.  After lunch, I start feeling clumsy and also children come back from there schools and start playing in the garden and it becomes disturbing. So, I do not prefer to do so in the evening. Apart from this, I grab things more efficaciously in the park as I feel that I am in my comfort zone. I have the ability to do poetry and writing Novels for which I needs quietness and focus on the observations and even do well in my exams.

All in all, this is that particular place where I love to read and write other than my home.