Describe a photo that you remember well

Please say:

  • When it was taken?
  • Who clicked it?
  • What is in this photograph?
  • Why you remembered this photograph?

I want to tell you about one of my favorite photographs – it is of my family which includes my parents, my siblings and me. This picture was snapped on the eve of a propitious and optimistic festival celebrated in the northern region of India which goes by the name “Lohri”. The picture was taken about five years back at our residence by an expert cameraman we hired from our proximity

The idea behind this picture to be my favorite one is that we all had the opportunity to be in the company of one another on this occasion. This is because I am a working professional in an MNC and stay in Delhi. I usually remain occupied in my jobs and get a little time to spend some quality time with my family. However, at this particular festival, when this picture was snapped, fortunately, I was in my town to blow the entire weekend at home. Luckily, my sister also reached at home for a few days as its vacation holidays in her college. So, fortunately, we all were together at that festival.

I like to glance at this picture quite often and this gives me a happy spirit. It is one of the obvious souvenirs of my family’s bonding. The happy moment of family members and their smiles in the photo reminds me how blessed and privileged I am to have such a happy and contented family life it recalls me that family comes first then everything else.