Describe a family that you like, but it’s not your own

You should say:

  • where this family lives?
  • who the members of the family are?
  • what each person in this family does in life?
  • explain how you feel about this family.
Describe a Family ( Not Your Own ) that you like

A family is considered as the fundamental unit of human’s society. It can be referred as the backbone of any human being as it stands with us through every thick and thin, showering its unconditional love and support. Although nobody can be as closer to us as our family members are, still we come across a few people whom we consider as extended part of our families. Here I would like to talk about my bosom friend Priyanka’s family which is really close to my heart. We know each other since we were in 6th standard and share a great camaraderie till now.

Coming on to her family, there are 3 members: Priyanka, her father and an elder brother. It is really unfortunate that she lost her mother when she was really young due to some health issues. Her father, Mr Sharma, is a retired Junior Engineer of Public Works Department, who is still known for his high work ethics, morale and benevolence. He has always lived up to the expectations of everyone, for this reason he has always been an inspiration to all especially the youth of our locality. After his retirement, he is lending his assistance to RSS, a national volunteer organisation. What an inspiration he is, he is always admired by me.

Turning towards her only sibling, Rohan Sharma, who works in state electricity department, is a Master degree holder in Business Management. He is a person with influential aura because of his optimistic and never say die attitude. Unlike others, he was never interested in wasting his time rather he used it to hone exceptional prowess of poetry writing. We never knew his calibre until we come across his personal diary in which he had hidden his work of excellence. He is fluent Hindi speaker which is not common these days. He successfully cracked the state commission test to secure his position as a government officer. We are so proud and fond of him.

Last but not the least, a few sentences about Priyanka. She is a generous, amicable and beautiful girl with most of her features resembling with her late mother. She is an outgoing and wise personality who stand for her decisions always. She is Master in Pharmacy and currently working as a social worker just like her father. Every evening, she teaches the deprived students of our area without charging anything.

All of them are share good rapport and have regular conversation sharing their experiences and discussing what next they are up to, appreciating and motivating each other to become a better person every day.I feel blessed to know all of them, as not every body has the fortune to have such people in their lives, and I try to be there for them always.