Describe a bicycle tour.

  • When you had this trip
  • Who went on this trip with you
  • What you did during this trip
  • Explain how far you enjoyed it.

Describe a bicycle tour

Bicycle touring means self-contained cycling trips for pleasure, adventure, and autonomy rather than sport, commuting, or exercise. 

As I am an adventurous person I also like riding bicycles. During my schooling, I used to commute there by bicycle with my sister and some friends. Hence, I am very fond of cycling due to which my school friends made a plan to go for a cycle tour. As it was a sudden plan, some of my plans I have postponed and some preponed. A very integral one, I  have put ahead of time and that was my appointment with the dentist. I was having severe pain in my molar and was not able to chew anything, which was also a reason to bring the arrangements forward, besides this, I was looking forward to going for my cycle tour.

So the very next day, after getting the treatment done, we left for a hill station known as Kasoli which is approximately 57 kilometers away from my town Chandigarh and it took around 10 hours to us to reach there. During our journey, we halted at various places sometimes to grab a bite to eat or sometimes for other recreational activities like we captured a plethora of pictures of us on the cycles or other various points. We even clicked some picturesque views of the mountains and waterfalls. Apart from that, sometimes we took shortcuts to reach our destination fast, owing to which we have explored the things a lot.

Other than this, as we were around ten friends and each one of us was having an individual bicycle, some were riding fast and some slow and for the slow riders we have to wait, so, while waiting we used to do a lot of things such as, capturing photographs or having a cup of tea since it was very cold then. Therefore, after about 11 to 12 hours we reached, spent around a week there and went back in a similar way.

Overall, this was something out of the box, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.