The list given below is the predicted list of most probable cue cards that could be asked in your upcoming IELTS speaking cue card from May to August 2020.

Bear in mind that you will be given only one topic for your speaking exam. However, you must prepare a range of topics and be well prepared for the day ahead of time. This list is common for both the academic and general training students and will be marked on the same criteria. New Cue Cards May to August 2020 | Cue Cards May to August 2020 | May To August Cue Cards 2020

cue card may to august 2020
Now we are providing you with a list of IELTS speaking Latest Cue Cards from May 2020 to August 2020.

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Cue card list may to august 2020

1- Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone

2- Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

3- Describe a person who has apologized to you

4- Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

5- Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

6- Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

7- Describe an important journey that was delayed

8- Describe one of your family members you spend the time most with.

9- Describe a goal that you achieved, which was set by yourself

10- Describe an interesting animal

11- Describe a person in the news that you want to meet

12- Describe a successful small business that you know.

13- Describe a crowded place you have visited

14- Describe a uniform you wear (At your school or Company)

15- Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

16- Describe the happiest day you had.

17- Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/ Met

18- Job you would not like to do in the Future

19- Describe a situation or a time when you helped someone

20- Describe an important building in your hometown

21- Describe an educational trip you went on in your school days

22- Describe a time when you traveled by public Transportation

23- Describe a time when you were excited

24- Describe a occasion when you lost something and then got it back

25- Describe a change that can improve your local area

26- A performance you recently watched

27- Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child

28- Describe a toy that you liked when you were a child

29- Describe your Dream House

30- Describe a job you don’t want to do

This is a predicted list of cue cards IELTS speaking May 2020 to August 2020 cue cards list. We will regularly update the list so you can subscribe to our Facebook and youtube channel for more updates.

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