Cancellation of IELTS Exam In India

Crona virus impact on IELTS exam cancellation

Yes, it is now confirmed that IDP and British Council both have cancelled the IELTS exam on Pan India level. Both these organizations are sending messages to those candidates who have registered for the IELTS exam which were scheduled on 21st March and 4th April that their exams are cancelled as a precautionary measure against Corona virus outbreak in our nation. Earlier, the notification was received for Chandigarh and Punjab but now it is applicable for the entire nation. (Cancellation of IELTS Exam In India | Precautionary measure against Coronavirus | Important update for IELTS test-takers | Crona virus impact on IELTS exam cancellation )

In the mails or message alerts, they have provided the links to book your exams again in order to reschedule your exam. You can now opt the exam dates of April or May 2020. It is important to book it within two days as per their guidelines which state that the enclosed link will remain active only for two days from the receipt of the mail.

So if you have to book it again, you might get worried about the payment you have already made as Rs 13,250 is not a small amount. No need to worry about it because they are going to reschedule your exam at no additional cost. Apart from this, the new speaking dates of the candidates, who received the test cancellation updates, will be informed by the medium of mails.

You can check the screenshots of the mails or messages received by the test takers from both these organizations.

Why are these exams cancelled?

The reason is quite obvious. The entire world is facing the consequences of Corona outbreak, India is no exception. The Health Ministry has strictly imposed a ban on mass or public gathering. People should also understand that this is for their own safety and to prevent the spread of this dreadful virus.

Most probably, the tests will be resumed from 18th April

We suggest that you need to keep checking your e-mails for further notifications from IDP and British Council.

In case you need any sort of information from IDP or British Council, you can use the following numbers or emails:

IDP Education :

Helpline Number : 1800 102 4544

Email :

British Council :

Helpline Number : 0120 456 9000

Email :

Reach out for latest updates on the official facebook pages of IDP and British Council!!!

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Stay protected and prevent the spread of Corona virus!!!