A Street market in your city / A Street market where you did shopping.

You should say:-

  • Where the market is?
  • What does the market sell?
  • How big the market is?
  • Why did you enjoy visiting this market?


People are shifting towards online shopping; street markets seem to have slackened their fame. But, I come from a town in which such flea fairs are still relatively important. There is a certain street market in my hometown I remember visiting a few years back.

Well, the market is commonly known as Janpath Market that I loved visiting. It is near Connaught Place in Delhi. Shopkeepers set-up their booths on the footpaths that covers an area of about 500 meters, making it one among the largest street fairs in Delhi. There are heaps of hustle & bustle there mostly in festive seasons like Diwali, Holi & Dushera. Masses came from overseas to shop there as a variety of things of all types are conveniently available at that place. The main commodities sold in the market include bed sheets, trendy seasonal garments, fashionable shoes, duvets, & carpets etcetera. Handmade crafts such as wooden toys, jewelry, ornaments, bags & other souvenirs are also available there.

Last year I visited this market with my close friend during the summer holidays. Since then, I go there quite often for buying things whenever I get time. I felt that it was a remarkable place to shop. People were so friendly & convivial there. Not only the goods were of excellent quality but their prices were reasonable too. There was plenty of room for the pedestrian to walk & shop freely. This matters a lot because, at times, some markets can be overcrowded, making it nearly impossible to stroll. We spent a couple of hours there just exploring all the booths & bought some souvenirs for m family.

Usually, buyers don’t have the privilege to return any purchased commodity, but to my surprise, retailers were encouraging the populace to buy whatever they want & return it afterward if there was any trouble. The most excellent thing about this bazaar was that the amenities such as toilets & car-parking were well-maintained. All in all, Janpath market is a great place for shopping as it had the whole lot of things which consumers can purchase.